I know that last October I wrote about being in Vermont in September and freezing the first two weeks after having left 90 degree weather here at home. So I know it was hot but not THIS hot…this heat wave is bringing Southern California roasting triple-digit temperatures. It’s all anyone can talk about these days so I’m NOT going to mention it again!

Instead I’m going to reminisce about winters in New Hampshire where I was raised. Anyone who knows me knows I moved to California because I am NOT a winter person. However, I don’t mind thinking about those frosty, winter mornings, waking up and hearing the snowplows going by. Running to the kitchen to find out that school had been cancelled and filled with excitement, we were barely able to eat breakfast in our rush to get bundled up and get outside. We couldn’t wait to start building our tunnels through the snow banks the plows had created. If we worked fast enough we could also have our fort built and a supply of snowballs ready for the inevitable snowball fight with the other kids in the neighborhood! Whoever came out first, though, got to be on our team against the rest of them! We took turns replenishing our supply of snowballs as they flew back and forth across Berkeley Street. That could go on for hours. The sun was high in the sky, reflecting off the pure whiteness of the mounds of sparkling snow. The sky was an incredible, crisp, winter blue, and if there were any clouds they were white and billowy, almost like reflections of the snowmounds. By the time our mittens were soggy and smelled of wool, our feet were really cold and thankfully, it was time for lunch. We put all our wet clothes on the warm radiators so they would be dry enough to go right back out!

One Friday night, I with my friends, decided to go down the street to Everett’s Pond for a skating party. There were flood lights on the roof, so it wasn’t pitch black but dark enough! One of our favorite things was the whip…when everyone joined hands and skated in a line until the leader stopped and pulled everyone into a circle. As we all gathered around the leader, we suddenly heard a loud, bone-chilling !CRACK! and the ice we were standing on sank into the pond. It was surreal and took a moment to register. In the midst of our screams, the icy water slowly seeped through our snow suits and we all scrambled to get out. Fortunately it wasn’t deep and we were all able to help each other get out. By the time we had counted heads, our clothes were frozen solid. I wish we could have taken a picture of the icicles hanging from our snow hats, and our hair in frozen clumps. We all lived within walking distance of our homes and when I came through the back door into the kitchen, my Mom was aghast at the sight. She didn’t have to ask what happened, she just rushed over and started peeling off the frozen layers of my clothes. Luckily, we weren’t out there long enough for hypothermia to set in or frostbite, but that hot bath never felt so good!

Great memories, but do I miss it? Would I want to go back to live in the cold, frosty, icy climate of New Hampshire winters? No, thank you. I get cool enough just thinking about it!! (But I wouldn’t mind if it were a few degrees cooler here right now!)

Try to stay cool… think popsicles!  See you next time.


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