This was the theme of my food demo this year at our “Taste of Greece Festival” at our church, St. Paul’s. You may see it spelled a number of different ways: Filo, Phyllo or Fillo. Regardless of how it is spelled, it is all the same: a delicate, flaky and light pastry. Filo means “leaf” […]


We’ve had some amazing weather here as well as in other places. In fact, before we left New England on October 7th we spent that day in Boston and it was actually short-sleeve weather. As lovely as it was, I was a little disappointed. The first two weeks we were in VT it was just […]


I never thought I would say we have too many lemons…but YIKES! Our tree is loaded with them. Large, small and in between. They are just dripping off every branch and sometimes falling to the ground. The best tip I ever received, I thought, was that you can freeze lemons whole. No wrapping, no juicing, […]

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It’s been HOT!!! That’s for sure! From what I know about tomatoes, that’s what they need to thrive…and boy, are they thriving! Last summer we had a critter that would always, without fail, get to the ripe tomatoes before we did. If a tomato was “almost” ripe and we decided to leave it for one […]


Wow. I know…months have gone by since I last posted anything but it has been on my mind ever since. I just couldn’t seem to get here. You know how life can get in the way sometimes of your best intentions?! I still keep asking myself, where did the time go? How is it October? […]