Here we are 5 days before Thanksgiving and still deep in the clutches of this pandemic, which has touched all our lives in some way or another. Not being able to get together for our usual family gatherings makes us all sad but staying safe is paramount so we will adhere to that for Thanksgiving […]


First of all, it is July 4th, 2020 and because of this pandemic there will be no organized fireworks, hoping there will be no gathering of large crowds. Many places were given the go-ahead to open only to be closed again because of a surge in cases. So now we wait, hopefully, to see if […]


I read recently that during classical antiquity in Greece, the vegetarian diet was called “abstinence from beings with a soul”. It also said “the earliest reliable evidence for vegetarianism theory and practice in Greece dates from the 6th century BC”. ( There were several religious leaders and movements at that time that would not eat […]


Today I am posting a recipe from www.lemon&,  blog by Kenton and Jane Kotsiris. It sounds like the perfect snack as well as appetizer. Check out their site for more ideas! Feta Cheese Wafers Prep time 12 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 22 mins   Bite size cheese wafers Author: Kenton & Jane […]


Pendeli’s Feta-Stuffed Peppers by Sava This is an excerpt from our book, A Greek Journey with Fork and Pen: “Elizabeth: The days fly by and our week of lessons at our dance seminar comes to an end. Our last night at dinner, we were called to the phone. Our husbands were on their way back from […]