As our trip to Greece gets closer, I pick up my copy of “A Greek Journey With Fork And Pen” and go back to our first trip and the experience of seeing the Parthenon on the Acropolis under a full moon the first night we were there. We had gone up to the roof garden, […]


We’ve had some amazing weather here as well as in other places. In fact, before we left New England on October 7th we spent that day in Boston and it was actually short-sleeve weather. As lovely as it was, I was a little disappointed. The first two weeks we were in VT it was just […]


I never thought I would say we have too many lemons…but YIKES! Our tree is loaded with them. Large, small and in between. They are just dripping off every branch and sometimes falling to the ground. The best tip I ever received, I thought, was that you can freeze lemons whole. No wrapping, no juicing, […]

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I think by now, hummus has been in the “mainstream” long enough that everyone has tried it and most people even like it! I am one of those people who really, really likes it. In fact, I could eat it with a spoon…no cracker or chip necessary! Some years ago, while we were staying in […]


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Got Beer??

by Sava

We knew our Papou, grandfather on our father’s side, had been raised in the tiny village of Kertezi and to get close we had to take a bus to Patras. From there we took a cab to Diakopto where we found the Hotel Lemoni. We plan to stay here one night and at 5:30 AM […]