Cookbook Editor

by Sava

YAY! My sister, Jo, in Vermont,  had lunch the other day with a cook book editor who recently moved to her town. She graciously listened to our “plan” for our cookbook and offered some great pointers on publishing. After listening to all that is involved in that process and that a publisher can rearrange, change, and omit whatever they want, Georgia said to me, “I think self-publishing is the way  to go. I personally want to have every word printed, don’t you????”  We are so personally invested, I DO want every word we write printed because I think that is the only way to give the reader the sense of  the moment, the only way to paint the picture we want them to “see”. We have been putting a lot of time into that very thing… expressing the experience, describing the gorgeous food, relating the family memories, and tying it all together. Why would we let some stranger decide what should stay and what should go?  We still have a lot to learn about that publishing process as well as about self-publishing, but this was a great first step. Before they parted, Jo asked if she would have time to read a small section and give us some feedback. She said she would… “in about two weeks she would have an hour”. Now that’s a full schedule! Still, we are thrilled to get that! Stay tuned and we will keep you posted

See you next time…

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