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Is it getting chilly where you are??

by Sava

We’ve had some amazing weather here as well as in other places. In fact, before we left New England on October 7th we spent that day in Boston and it was actually short-sleeve weather. As lovely as it was, I was a little disappointed. The first two weeks we were in VT it was just freezing (to me) and I had not brought many warm clothes having packed while it was 95 and 90% humidity here in Southern CA. I’m sure it influenced my choices, even though I knew it would be colder in VT, but I also remembered Indian Summer usually occurs in September so I wasn’t worried! However, as the second freezing cold week drew to a close, I decided I should visit the “famous” thrift shop by the hospital that my sister raves about to see if I could find a warm jacket or something. The minute I walked in I saw a rack with 4 men’s red and black flannel shirts and ONE woman’s coat. It was a beauty! It was cranberry wool trimmed in black piping with a warm lamb’s wool lining, made in Austria and …wait for it…it was MY SIZE!!! I tried it on and it fit perfectly. It felt like it weighed ten pounds so I knew it would be warm. The best part …it was $6.00. Hah! Yes, $6.00! I was so excited I could hardly see straight. When I took it up to the register the woman said, “Wow, what a lovely coat. That must have just come in cause I hadn’t seen that yet. If I had I would have snatched it up.” Then as she rang it up she said, “When you get tired of it please bring it back in and give us all a chance at it!” I left feeling great and couldn’t wait to wear it on the next cold day! Just that thought seemed to have signaled that Indian Summer I mentioned because starting with the next day we had absolutely balmy, California-like weather. Beautiful days filled with sunshine and warmth. We traveled all over to see the spectacular displays of red-gold-yellow-orange leaves splashed across the hillsides. We went to New Hampshire and Maine and had beautiful WARM weather. On our last weekend we went to Cambridge, MA, to visit my nephew, Elias, his wife Amanda and their adorable baby girl, Alvida to celebrate her first birthday. Not only was I looking forward to seeing them but I could hardly wait to feel how cold it would be, so I had my still-unworn coat in the trunk. It was a little drizzly when we got there but not very cold. We stayed 2 nights, planned to spend the final day in Boston with my brother Jim, then fly out late that afternoon. That Carly Simon song kept repeating in my head, “Anticipation, anticipay-yay-tion is making me wait…” Well the only thing really making me wait was the weather! The beautiful, sunny, warm October day in Boston did NOT warrant a heavy, cozy coat! So as we said goodbye to Jim at the airport, I handed him that ten pound coat to take back to VT with him and said, “Maybe next year”.

PS: All the lovely photos I post are taken by my husband, Dan Songster

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