It’s been too long!

by Sava

Wow. I know…months have gone by since I last posted anything but it has been on my mind ever since. I just couldn’t seem to get here. You know how life can get in the way sometimes of your best intentions?! I still keep asking myself, where did the time go? How is it October? Summer is over and fall is here. We had planned to go to Greece this past summer, but with all the problems they were having we had to change our plan and hope that next year things will be better over there. My sister and I have been going through the cookbook correcting as we go along. We have also asked Floyd and our brother Lou to do the same. This is challenging, considering we are on opposite coasts for the winter. Meanwhile, we have also been looking into self-publishing, trying to decide which site makes the most sense for what we have. It’s like a part-time job! If anyone out there can give us some helpful hints we would appreciate it very much. On Saturday I wanted to make Greek lemon potatoes but it was still very warm in our house, so I decided to try cooking them on the grill. I put them in a disposable pan and kept the grill at 400 degrees and they came out awesome. Good to know I don’t have to depend on just my oven, especially when I have lots of things to cook at once. It really helps to have 4 burners on the grill so I can control the heat. I’ll be back sooner than later this time.

See you soon…

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