Post image for On the Eve of Christmas 2016 I am publishing our Christmas Miracle again.

On the Eve of Christmas 2016 I am publishing our Christmas Miracle again.

by Sava

By nightOur Own Christmas Miracle-Christmas Eve 2013

by Sava

This random act of kindness will never be forgotten!

As the holidays got closer, more things landed on my to-do list. We have had a family Christmas brunch for years consisting mainly of fresh bagels and lox with cream cheese, thin sliced onions, chopped hard-boiled eggs, capers, coffee amd mimosas. I always order my bagels at the local Bagel Shack where the bagels are huge and so delicious. The favorites are jalapeno and cheese, onion, sesame seed, ‘everything’, and chocolate chip (mostly for the kids minus the lox). We typically expect 12 to 14 people. I’ve been going to this shop for the last 6 years (since it opened) and they are consistently wonderful. I ran in on Monday and placed and paid for my order. I had written out how many of each kind I wanted, my name and address and phone number. For some reason the young man who took the order wrote out the order on a piece of paper rather than taking my list. As he repeated everything back to me I noticed he had not written down my phone number but I got distracted when he asked me what time the next day I would pick them up. I said noon would be great. Off I went to finish my other tasks, happy to have that taken care of. The next day dawned with bright sunlight and summer-like temperatures. I put out the champagne glasses, the Christmas mugs and plates, little bowls of mini candy canes, See’s chocolates and vacuumed again. We set up the patio, too, since it was so warm out. Later that day, as I got out the silverware, my husband asked when I was picking up the bagels. I looked up at the clock and felt the blood drain out of my face…it was 4:00 and I had forgotten to pick up my order! I also knew they closed at 2:00!! Going into panic mode I said, “Oh my God! How could I forget to pick up the bagels????!!! Where was my brain?” My darling husband said, “Don’t panic! I can run to the grocery store and pick some up”.
“The grocery store???? I gasped incredulously. We can’t serve THOSE bagels, I sputtered. I’ve got to call them. Maybe someone is there cleaning up.” I found the receipt and called the number. A woman answered and I said, “Oh good, you’re there!”
She said, “What do you mean I’m there?”
Me, “Is this the bagel shop?”
She, “It’s the office.”
Me, “OMG! I forgot to pick up my bagel order”.
She, “Give me your number and I’ll see if Chad is still nearby. I will call you back.”
Our kitchen clock does not make a sound but I swear I could hear it ticking and I think it was in slow motion!!! I JUMPED for the phone when it rang.
He, “Elizabeth? This is Chad from the Bagel Shack.”
Me, “Oh Chad! I forgot to pick up my bagels. Can I run over and get them?”
He, “Sorry, we throw out any orders that haven’t been picked up by closing time. I kept the copy of your order though, but didn’t have your phone number. When do you need them?”
Me, “Tomorrow for our annual brunch! I’m devastated but it’s my own fault! I just lost track of time!”
He, “Well, I’m going to have Christmas Eve with my kids and after they go to bed I will go back to the shop and make them for you.”
Me, “You can’t do that!!! It’s Christmas Eve!!
He, “Yes, once my kids are in bed I’ll go over. Text me your cell number and address. It won’t be until late though!”
Me, “I don’t even know what to say, Chad! How can I thank you?! I am dumbfounded!”
I sent him my number and address. At 9:30 he texted me and said he had put his kids to bed and was headed over. He would call me when they were done, probably around 11:00. Sure enough at 10:55 I got a text, “I’m out front with your bagels”. My husband went out and invited him in. I gave him a big hug and said, “You saved our Christmas brunch. How can we ever thank you??!!”
He, “Just keep coming back! Merry Christmas!”
I then gave him one of our books and a plate of fresh baklava that I had just made with a bookmark at the recipe. I watched him go down the walk smiling. If he had jumped into a sleigh and said, “Now Dasher, now Dancer, now Prancer and Vixen….” I would NOT have been surprised.
Who does that?? I’ll remember this forever! Everyone I have told it to is as stunned as we were! Never have we experienced such a random act of kindness….thank you, Chad! I will try to pass it on every chance I get!

See you all next time. Happy 2014. Be thankful for all the good things in your life!

Hoping 2017 brings more kindness than ever before!

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Billi August 7, 2017 at 5:38 am

Thanks for telling me this story at our picnic yesterday. It just helped to add to a perfect day!



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