Our Book is On The Way!!!

by Sava

At long last we have received the proof copy of our book, A Greek Journey With Fork and Pen. It was years in the making but so much fun! It is a compilation of  journal entries from all four of our journals kept during our three trips to Greece together. My sister Georgia and her husband Floyd  met me and my husband Dan in Athens three different times and we spent a month each time traveling, exploring, eating, drinking, laughing a lot and even crying when serenaded by a musical group singing our parents’ favorite Greek love song. We had many adventures like Georgia and I spending ten days at a dance seminar on the island of Crete in the small mountain village of Roustika while our husbands climbed the Samarian Gorge, knowing only a handful of “important” Greek words between them (the word for beer being one of them)! We went in search of our grandparents’ homesteads on the Mani peninsula and in a mountain village of Kertezi. We met so many wonderful people who opened their hearts and their homes to us, demonstrating that Greek ‘Kefi’, one of those things that is hard to define, but you know it when you see it or are in the midst of it! It is as elusive as a spirit but it does exist. The haunting music of the bouzouki pulled us onto many a dance floor and we were showered with money as the onlookers called “Yassou” when they found out we were Greek-American sisters. We learned so much about our Greek heritage by being steeped in the customs and traditions, some of which we grew up with. Of course, while all this was going on we were eating ourselves silly! That is to say, enjoying food we were familiar with and some we were not. We discovered the use of different herbs is often regional and very different from our family’s way of preparing the same dish. So we wrote a lot about where we went and the food we enjoyed and included over 100 recipes. We were awed and inspired by the white-washed houses with their colorful doors. Everywhere we looked was a perfect postcard view. Scarlet bouganvilla spilled over the edge of every other balcony or tangerine geraniums climbed the stairways against the blinding white stucco walls. The ocean all around us was an indescribable blue that changed hues ever-so-slightly with the time of day. It was all quite breathtaking and we invite you to experience this journey through the pages of our book. I will let you all know when it is available for purchase. Soon!

Thank you for your support. Yassou!

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