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Return to Greece

by Sava

As our trip to Greece gets closer, I pick up my copy of “A Greek Journey With Fork And Pen” and go back to our first trip and the experience of seeing the Parthenon on the Acropolis under a full moon the first night we were there. We had gone up to the roof garden, called “Tapetsia”, of our hotel,  for wine and appetizers.

“Once we were seated under a very black night sky, we looked beyond the vine-covered rail and saw the Parthenon in the golden glow of a full moon. That huge moon looked as though it had been placed there permanently – as though it was tied to this magnificent place drenched in history and light. It was hard to tell if the moonlight was, in fact, reflecting the glory that was Greece or the Acropolis was reflecting the ancient fires witnessed and held onto by the eternal moon. Words caught in my throat with a sob. I felt a sense of coming home. I turned to my sister and said, “Pinch me”.

We raised our glasses to toast not only this splendid sight, but to the memory of our parents, whose loving hearts we feel here with us tonight. “Aionia Ee Mneemee” – May your memory be eternal.”

Read more of our experiences in our book, “A Greek Journey With Fork and Pen”. You can order it right here.

See you next time.

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