kalamata olives

Today started out gray and gloomy, but when Dan came in from the garden with our first 3 Heirloom tomatoes of the season, I was inspired to make lunch using some of the tomatoes along with a number of other items we call “mezethes” or appetizers in Greek. Remembering the sun-drenched days we spent on taverna […]


Roast Leg of Lamb by Sava Our roasted leg of lamb is the centerpiece of our Easter dinner, filling the kitchen with its tantalizing aromas of garlic, lemon and oregano. I posted this 3 years ago, but I decided to post it again for those of you who weren’t reading my blogs back then. If […]

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We grew up eating Kalamata olives as appetizers with feta cheese and pita bread, and in Greek salad. They were on the table with every dinner and we loved them. I had never cooked with them, however, so I was excited to be given this recipe by our new friends who were musicians at our […]

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If you have our book, A Greek Journey with Fork and Pen, you will read that although we grew up with Greek food, we discovered many new foods in Greece that we had never tried before, like the red pepper flakes in this recipe. At least not in Greek dishes we had at home. We […]


Ready or not, Halloween is here and you will undoubtedly have a lot of little monsters at your door Monday night! Here in Southern California we are experiencing very warm weather while some parts of the country are already having SNOW!! Seems early for that. We visited the pumpkin patch today with 2 of our […]