Thinking about Greece…again!

by Sava

Yes, I keep “slipping away” to Greece, at least in my mind! While proof-reading our book, we were reliving every  journal entry. It took us right back to the moment and made us want to go back. We’ve been to Greece three times together, but we can’t seem to get enough. Is there such a thing as “enough”??  There is still so much to see and some places that call  us back again and again.

We’ve been to Zakynthos, also known by the Italian name, Zante, only once but the turquoise water is such an incredible color that it looks artificial. I found myself filling my cupped hands to see if it would  hold onto that color in my hands or was there something in the sand that made it so blue. We took a small boat to that famous Shipwreck Beach you see on postcards and it looks exactly like that! The shipwreck is half buried in the sand of this beautiful white beach that you can reach only by boat. On the way there the boat took us past the cliffs of the harbor, slowly through an arch carved by the water into a cave that reflects the incredible, luminous blue of the waves relentlessly crashing against the rocks. It is eerily beautiful to feel so immersed in blue and I suddenly realized I was holding my breath until we emerged into the white glare of the sun. It is truly moments like this that take your breath away!

Our lovely concierge told us about a music taverna closeby that turned out to be a very special experience. The food was authentic, serving among other things, the local rabbit in a flavorful stew. The musicians sang beautiful Greek harmony, songs we recognized as some our parents would sing on our road trips to visit relatives. We were inspired to request a favorite love song of theirs, “Ta Matia”, intending to sing along. They came right to our table and began to sing. Georgia and I barely got a few words out when we were totally overcome with emotion, awash in sweet memories of the perfect harmony of our parents’ voices. We could only smile as the tears spilled from our eyes. I think they knew they had touched our hearts. More of “those” moments….

Even now I am teary-eyed as I remember and I urge you to let yourself slip back into some of your favorite, touching moments. We have many more in our book, so for now I will say “Kalinikta” (goodnight) until next time. Yassou!!

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Dan June 7, 2012 at 5:38 pm

It was such a great moment! That is the best of what travel does-you captured it well.


Sava June 8, 2012 at 8:38 pm

And Danny, I am so happy you were there to share it with me!! Here’s to more of those moments! Yia mas!


Maureen Senecal June 8, 2012 at 4:18 pm

I went on a cruise to Greece last year with a couple of friends and my sister. We all found it so beautiful. I grew up in the Greek neighborhood of Nashua and could always sense the closeness of the community. It made me jealous. I wanted to go to Greek school with Bessie Parkas and Ernie Anastos and the other kids my age. Well at least I got to go to Greece although I wished I could have comminicated in Greek. I can see why you love going back. Perhaps someday I will too.


Sava June 8, 2012 at 8:36 pm

Hi Maureen, I had no idea you grew up there or that you knew Bessie whose Greek school class I was in. She could always speak better Greek than I cause they spoke it a lot at home. I did when I was really little and my granfather was still alive. The first year we went my Greek was almost nonexistent so my sister had to do the talking while I just basically nodded my head and smiled, I had forgotten so much. The second time something “magical” happened. The Greek part of my brain came alive and I started remembering what I needed to say…even to a cab driver without my sister there to save me.

Greece really is so incredible. It seems every where you look is beautiful and of course, when you are on vacation it automatically makes it even better! I think you will definitely love reading our book. On our last trip we found our family homesteads on both sides. It was quite an adventure! We may try to go back next year, depending on the state of their economy and everything else! As my sweet mother used to say, “God willing”! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll let you know when our book is finally out! Yassou!


Maddie June 9, 2012 at 10:12 am

My step-daugther and her very new husband are cruising at this very moment to the Greek Isles. I’m so jealous.


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