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GASP! Too Many Lemons??

by Sava

I never thought I would say we have too many lemons…but YIKES! Our tree is loaded with them. Large, small and in between. They are just dripping off every branch and sometimes falling to the ground. The best tip I ever received, I thought, was that you can freeze lemons whole. No wrapping, no juicing, no squeezing, no nothing. Just put them in the freezer. When you need lemon juice, just remove one and put it in the microwave on defrost and it’s juicier than ever. However, I now have many lemons in my freezer taking up lots of space so I had to think of something else. I didn’t want to go the icecube tray route which is what I used to do cause it takes a little too much time to juice, pour in trays, freeze, then take them out of the trays and put them in baggies and back in the freezer. So I decided to juice them and pour directly into baggies and lay them flat in the freezer so when I need lemon juice I can just break off a piece or use a potato peeler to shave some off. That was pretty quick so I filled 3 quart-sized baggies right away and they are now frozen in my freezer. I still have what looks like a billion lemons on the tree, though.

Then I thought, we will be getting ‘rid’ of some lemons when we go back east on vacation very soon. Every year when we go back to VT we always pack lemons in our luggage and have been pretty lucky not to be questioned, but this time when we go back we are first flying into Montreal, Canada. My husband said, “What about the affidavit (or whatever it is called) they make you fill out and swear to on the plane regarding what you have in your luggage that you are bringing into their country? They ask about agricultural products as well as other things. Are you going to lie?” So now I am nervous. We will have to go through Customs and they often randomly open your suitcase as you stand there, so if they pick one of our suitcases and look at our answer to that question regarding agricultural products, “NO”, they might figure out we were lying! What then??? We swore to it! Fines, penalties, a slap on the wrist as they throw them away, or will we be “detained”??? Are lemons terrifying?? As in “these people must be terrorists smuggling lemons into our country”?? So I have decided we won’t be packing lemons this trip! Hmmm… maybe I will send them priority mail in a flat-rate box…do they x-ray those boxes? There will be an address for tracing us… should I be scared?

I’ll let you know what happens. Stay tuned… see you next time. Yassou!!

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Maddie September 7, 2013 at 7:06 am

I’m jealous because I do so miss my So. Cal. lemons. We had a tree in our yard when we lived there also. I don’t know all the laws, but I should think you could mail lemons without a problem, especially if you use FedEx, not so sure about USPS.

Whatever happens, have a wonderful trip.



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