We are re-living our trips to Greece!

by Sava

Wow, it’s been a month since I last wrote. That’s because Jo and I have been working like madwomen on our cookbook/travel book. We have been reliving our trips to Greece, just reading about the different excursions we took, the people we talked with, the incredible food we ate…it’s all in the book… EVERYTHING! From the unforgettable, miraculous meeting of a woman on the small island of Skopelos, who knew our parents, to finding our paternal grandfather’s house in Kertezi, and a possible cousin of our maternal grandmother in a village outside of Gythion. We really get amazed all over again as we put these experiences in the book and can’t wait to go back to Greece for more! The end is in sight and we are excited. Of course, then the hard part begins of trying to decide whether to self-publish or find a publisher. We are leaning heavily towards self-publishing at this moment in time, based on different things we have heard and read. Can’t be sidetracked by that right now, though. Any helpful hints would be welcomed. I will try to keep you posted a little more often than I have this past month.

See you next time…

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Dan April 26, 2010 at 12:24 pm

The best part about your re-living the trips is the good food that Floyd and I (and others) get to eat as you try out the recipes again!


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