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We are still picking tomatoes but stuffing peppers!!

by Sava

We are overflowing with tomatoes and I am not complaining, really! We are sharing them with family and friends and cooking many dishes using them. On page 169 of our book, A Greek Journey With Fork and Pen, we have a recipe for “Stuffed Tomatoes” which is a vegetarian dish, while on page 25 is the recipe for “Yiayia’s Fragrant Stuffed Peppers”. This recipe includes lamb or beef in the ingredients. As noted in this recipe, if there is filling left, put it in the pan surrounding the peppers. These are both fairly common and delicious dishes.

You will notice we have a number of “stuffed” recipes. Besides the two above, there is “Stuffed Zucchini” on page 124; “Stuffed Grapeleaves” on page 189; “Stuffed Eggplant” on page 48 and “Pendeli’s Feta Stuffed Peppers” on page 127. Each filling is a bit different, some vegetarian and some with meat, however, they can all be vegetarian just by eliminating the meat or add meat to those that are made with rice and vegetables! I have often said, the moment you add or subtract one ingredient or more, the recipe is no longer authentic but that doesn’t mean it won’t taste good… it just won’t be the same. I’ve always preferred to try a recipe as it stands first to see what it tastes like before I “mess” with it, if I even want to.

What has inspired many of our readers to try a recipe is how easy it sounds. Have you tried any of the recipes I have posted here or in our book? If you don’t yet have our book, order it now by clicking on the picture of it right here!  And then you will have ALL the recipes mentioned above! Do it! You won’t be sorry!

See you next time! Yassou!

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Don Valcourt August 17, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Got the book. Great recipes. Do you remember a Greek butcher named Yanko/Yanco? Kablitza(sp)? He had a shop on Central st Nashua in the 40’s and 50’s. I worked across the street at Central Mkt. He made a casserole just about every Saturday – He called it lamb patty casserole with shells, in a sauce. It was terrific. I have not been able to identify (from memory) the spices he used in the lamb. Does anyone else remember Yanco. He was a wonderful man. Anytime we needed lamb for our customers we would send them to Yanco across the street. Just rambling………………..


Sava August 18, 2013 at 9:46 am

Hi Don, Thanks for buying our book! I think I do remember Yanco vaguely! His casserole sounds really good! The spice mainly used in lamb is oregano. In meatballs my mom used that and mint. Sometimes cumin although that’s not very “Greek”. And depending on what it is…like roast lamb, lots of lemon. Don’t forget salt and pepper in ALL dishes!! Check back often for more recipes! Yassou!


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