We did it!

by Sava

We just returned from Long Beach Airport where we said “good-bye” to Georgia and Floyd after 8 weeks of concentrated effort on our cookbook. It paid off cause we actually FINISHED it! WHEW!! We still have to decide about photos, but the text with recipes is complete as well as the size we want the book to be. So far it appears to have 345 pages with 110 recipes! The page count keeps changing as we change font sizes and format, but I think that it’s pretty well set at this point. The index is the last thing we have to write, but that’s a piece of cake compared to what we have already done. So we can take a breather before seriously researching our options for self-publishing. We know that will take some time, but we are starting to get feedback from different friends with information that is very helpful in that quest. We will be giving out recipes for friends to test to make sure they make sense to someone who has never tried it before. It is hard to see things objectively sometimes when we “know what we mean”. Just because it makes sense to us doesn’t mean it will be clear to someone else. Of course we want everything to be very clear to anyone who reads it and tries it. That’s where we are right now. We’re already missing you, Jo and Floyd!!

See you next time…

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